Our purpose is to provide great service to our customers and communities in the North West, creating long-term value for all of our stakeholders.

Our vision is to be the best UK water and wastewater company.

Our strategy

We will realise our vision by delivering:

The best service to customers

At the lowest sustainable cost

In a responsible manner

We use these three strategic themes as a framework to measure each aspect of our performance, with each of our operational key performance indicators and risks closely linked to one of them or, often, to more than one, such is the interconnectivity of our business.

Our core values

Our core values provide the cultural framework within which we are working towards achieving our vision, and we encourage our employees to live these values in everything they do in their daily work:

Customer focus

Everything we do is about our customers, not us. We put customers at the heart of everything we do so that we can give them our best service.

This means in addition to supplying the seven million people and 200,000 businesses in our region with clean water and treating their wastewater every day, we constantly look for ways to improve our customer contacts, to keep bills down, and to give extra help to those vulnerable customers who need it most.

Customer focus means putting customers first now, and also building a resilient and sustainable network to prepare for future generations.


The world doesn't stand still and neither do we. We will continue to innovate to make our services better, safer, faster and cheaper. We're always searching for new and better ways of working, adapting our service to suit the needs of our region's diverse population.

Only by making the best use of new processes and technologies can we ensure we are prepared for a growing population and extreme weather, to ensure we continue to deliver the lowest sustainable cost in an ever-changing world.

One example of innovation that spans our entire business is our Systems Thinking operational approach.


We make promises knowingly and keep them.

We behave responsibly towards all of our stakeholders, including:

  • Our customers;
  • The communities we operate in;
  • Our employees;
  • Our suppliers;
  • Our shareholders; and
  • The environment.

Throughout this report we show how our vision, strategy and values enable us to fulfil our purpose.