Our use of technology and Systems Thinking approach is delivering sustained improvements and setting new benchmarks for the sector.

The best service to customers

Sustained improvements in customer service recognised across a range of metrics

  • Best ever scores in Ofwat's qualitative Service Incentive Mechanism (SIM), positioning first in the final wave and upper quartile for the year overall;
  • Upper quartile performance for the utilities sector in the UK Customer Service Institute's Satisfaction Index; and
  • Leading listed company for the Consumer Council for Water's assessment of household complaint numbers.

Leading on support for vulnerable customers

  • Hosted the first ever North West Affordability summit, building on our already leading position on affordability and vulnerability; and
  • Supporting more than 50,000 customers in need of help through our Priority Services scheme, helping significantly more customers than initially targeted.

Consulting with customers on our long-term plans

  • Consulted with customers and stakeholders on our new 25-year Water Resources Management Plan, balancing investment with affordability.

At the lowest sustainable cost

Efficient delivery of investment plan without compromising on quality

  • Efficiency driven into the delivery of our investment programme has delivered customer service, operational and environmental benefits;
  • Efficiency savings have contributed to regulatory outperformance, which has been achieved whilst maintaining highly effective capital delivery, with our TCQi score remaining over 90 per cent; and
  • Optimised our ODI performance, performing better than expected so far and now expect, absent any unforeseen events, to finish the 2015–20 period with a cumulative net reward on ODIs.

Outperforming our regulatory contract

  • Delivered our investment plan efficiently, along with our Systems Thinking approach and innovation, giving us confidence in outperforming our regulatory totex allowance by £100 million for the 2015–20 period; and
  • Low cost of debt already locked-in, placing us in a strong position to substantially outperform the regulatory cost of debt allowance for the 2015–20 period.

In a responsible manner

Leading performance with integrity

  • Retained Industry Leading status in the Environment Agency's assessment, achieving frontier performance for the sector with the lowest number of pollution incidents and our best-in-sector level of self-reporting;
  • Improved our drinking water quality again, which is now the best it has ever been; and
  • Leading the industry in our approach to resilience.

Strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials

  • Retained World Class rating in Dow Jones Sustainability Index for tenth consecutive year, a very good achievement in light of the ever-evolving standards.

Sharing outperformance to improve resilience

  • Sharing our anticipated net outperformance across the 2015–20 regulatory period, increasing our additional investment from £100 million to £250 million and delivering industry-leading, long-term resilience for the benefit of customers.