In the interest of providing clear and relevant information to the users of our financial statements we have included summary information within notes to the financial statements, with additional detailed information included in appendices where required. These notes and appendices can be grouped as follows:

Notes and appendicesNotes and appendices

Operations – information relating to our operating results

1Revenue and segment reporting22Operating lease commitments
2Directors and employeesA1Cash generated from operations
3Operating profit

Financing – information relating to how we finance our business

4Revenue and segment reporting16Borrowings
5Revenue and segment reporting21Share capital
7Revenue and segment reportingA2Net debt
8Revenue and segment reportingA3Borrowings
15Revenue and segment reportingA4Financial risk management

Working capital – information relating to the day-to-day working capital of our business

13Inventories20Trade and other payables
14Trade and other receivablesA6Related party transactions
15Cash and cash equivalents

Tax – information relating to our current and deferred taxation

6Tax18Deferred tax liabilities

Employees – information relating to the costs associated with employing our people

2Directors and employeesA5Retirement benefits
17Revenue and segment reporting

Long-term assets – information relating to our long-term operational and investment assets

9Property, plant and equipment12Investments
10Intangible assets17Retirement benefit surplus
11Joint venturesA5Retirement benefits

Other – other useful information

19ProvisionsA7Accounting policies
23Contigent liabilitiesA8Subsidiaries and other group undertakings
24Events after the reporting period