United Utilities is the UK’s largest listed water company. We provide essential services for millions of people and are constantly innovating and working with our stakeholders to ensure continuous improvement.

Financial highlights


Underlying operating profit

Total dividend per share

Reported operating profit

Operational highlights

Best service to customers

Sustained improvements in customer service recognised across a range of metrics

Leading on support for vulnerable customers

Consulting with customers on our long-term plans

Lowest sustainable cost

Efficient delivery of investment plan without compromising on quality

Outperforming our regulatory contract

In a responsible manner

Leading performance with integrity

Strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials

Sharing outperformance to improve resilience

We are on course for a bright future – working with others to improve the wellbeing and prosperity of customers and communities in the North West. Together, we’ll go on helping life flow smoothly, for everyone.

Partnering with pioneering businesses – our Innovation Lab

Meet Snipe – the UK’s first leak detection sniffer dog

Designed to slow the flow – our show garden at RHS Tatton 2017

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